Community Interfaith Food Pantry

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1. Belleville, Swansea residents

​We serve only residents of the Belleville, Swansea, Scott AFB and part of the Shiloh communities -- ZIP codes 62220, 62221, 62222, 62223, 62225, and 62226. We also offer limited help to the homeless in our communities.

2. A week of help, every 30 days

We are here for emergencies. We offer help based on your family's size, but we can only offer a week of food to you once every 30 days. We are open:

Monday, Thursday, Friday: 1:00-3:00 pm

Tuesday and Saturday: : 9:00-11:00 am

Wednesday: closed

Federal holidays: closed

3. Provide household income information and proof of residency once a year. 


All clients are asked to provide information about household income on their first visit, and then again annually. The head of household needs a photo ID and a utility bill or other piece of official mail no older than 90 days, a lease or rental agreement is also acceptable. Click for income guidelines.

US Driver License Isolated on White Background..jpg

4. ID every time

You need a photo ID at every visit to the food pantry. 

5. Bring a list, 12-item limit

Milk, eggs, bread, soup, vegetables, meat, toilet tissue, corn muffin mix and crackers are generally provided to each family when available. If you want something specific, bring a list with no more than 12 items. If we have it, we will try to give it to you.


6. Share the love

We are volunteers and do our best. We ask that you respect our rules and be polite to our volunteers and your fellow clients. We do not allow current clients to volunteer. However, if you find yourself no longer needing our help, do what you can to help those who still need us. Donate or volunteer.

The Rules

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